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Colic Symptoms In Babies

Colic can be frustrating and overwhelming for both babies and parents. Colic symptoms in babies can be defined as frequent, intense, prolonged crying or fussiness in an otherwise healthy infant. No amount of comforting seems to help, and episodes tend to occur late in the evening when both parent and child are tired.

Colic is generally worst at around 6 weeks of age, and it tends to resolve altogether after the child reaches 3 or 4 months old. Here is what you need to know about the symptoms and treatment of colic.

Symptoms Of Colic

Infants fuss and cry, especially during their first three months of life. This can make it difficult to determine whether your baby has colic or is simply developing normally. However, colic is generally defined as crying that lasts for three or more hours, at least three days per week, for three or more weeks. In addition, colic often has distinct features that do not typically appear with normal crying.

Signs of colic in babies include:


Colic Causes and Risk Factors

Researchers have not yet been able to pin down a definite cause for colic. However, it appears that several factors may play a role, including:

Diagnosing colic generally involves ruling out other illnesses or disorders that cause similar symptoms.

Treatment For Colic

Colic does not cause additional health problems during infancy, nor does it put the baby at risk for health conditions later in life. Still, it is miserable for the baby and frustrating for the parents, so it is important to treat it. Conventional treatments consist of trial and error changes in diet and feeding practices, as well as soothing strategies for both infant and parent.

Dr. Simon’s Remedy is a carefully formulated organic herbal remedy designed to treat the specific symptoms of colic. Each package contains a 14 day supply of tea bags, along with a 14 day supply of Dr. Simon’s Soothing Syrup to add to the tea. Most infants find relief in approximately 3 days.

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