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Using Fennel Tea For Natural Colic Relief


Using Fennel Tea For Natural Colic Relief

Any parent who has experienced the turmoil of a baby with colic knows true despair and frustration. You want to help them, but nothing seems to work. They scream and cry, and you sob because nothing seems to help. No one sleeps, and you just try to make it through the agony together as best you can. If you were lucky enough to never have to witness this situation, you most likely have someone close to you who has suffered many sleepless nights because of this problem. Luckily there are many natural remedies that can be very helpful in relieving your colicky baby. One major natural colic remedy and ingredient in Dr. Simon’s remedy is fennel tea.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Fennel Tea?

Fennel is an aromatic plant (many liken its smell and taste to that of black licorice) that is rich with much-needed vitamins and other elements needed for healthy living. It has been said to help cancer patients, relieve menstrual problems and anemia and, most importantly, to calm digestion troubles.

Fennel Tea Provides Natural Digestive Relief

Consumption of fennel tea is said to aid in healthy digestion. It is known to smooth the irritated muscles in your gastrointestinal system, which helps alleviate gas, bloating, and stomach cramps. Fennel is an all-natural and delicious remedy for digestive issues of all kinds. Because it is plant-derived, it is safe for anyone having tummy issues, including babies and toddlers.

What is Colic?

Colic is often referred to as just “having a fussy baby.” If your healthy baby cries for more than 3-4 hours at a time, it is usually due to colic. Colic usually starts within a few weeks of birth, and typically clears up before children hit their 6-month milestone. However, those months can be absolute agony to the baby and their already exhausted parents. 

You are doing the absolute best that you can to take care of your newborn, and no one thinks badly of you. Colic is simply a frustrating disorder that is believed to be linked to a combination of immature digestive capabilities, chemical imbalances in the brain, and stress or anxiety in the family.

Dr. Simon’s Natural Remedy For Colic Includes Fennel

Dr. Simon is not only a doctor, but also a mother who went through this nightly battle herself. With over the counter drops not helping, she began to research homeopathic herbs that help with digestion. The first thing she found was fennel.

This soothing tea is comprised solely of organic ingredients, including chamomile (known to help with calming/sleep), bay leaves (known to promote general health), and, of course, fennel. It is perfectly proportioned, balanced, and blended to produce optimal relief for colicky babies. In fact, most babies find relief in just a few doses, though each package contains a full 14-day supply, as well as 14 days of Dr. Simon’s Soothing Syrup.

Ready To Relieve Your Baby’s Colic Using Safe, All Natural Ingredients?

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