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Dr. Simon's Remedy Is A Better Cure For Colic

Dr. Simon’s Natural Gripe Water Alternative


Although it is not medically dangerous, colic can be incredibly painful for infants and terribly frustrating for parents. It causes intense, uncontrollable crying episodes that last for three or more hours, followed by additional hours of fussiness, and it almost always hits late in the evening. Gripe water has long been a go-to for parents desperate to find their babies some relief, but it is not always the best choice.

What Is Gripe Water?

Gripe water was first introduced in England in the 1850s, and the original formulation actually contained alcohol. Today’s gripe water is readily available over the counter, and it no longer contains alcohol. Instead, it is a blend of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and a variety of herbs. Many formulations also include sucrose, or table sugar.

Is Gripe Water Safe?

The biggest concern with gripe water is that it contains a lot of unknowns. Different manufacturers use different specific formulations, and many of the ingredients fall into the category of “supplements,” which are not as thoroughly regulated as food products or medicines. Gripe water is a liquid supplement that may contain preservatives, dyes, artificial flavorings, and other unwanted additives. In addition, sucrose contains fructose, which is considered the worst type of sugar for the human body.


Alternative To Gripe Water

Formulated by a doctor who is also a mom, Dr. Simon’s Remedy is a tea that contains only organic fennel, bay leaves, and chamomile. It was designed to target the specific symptoms of colic in a safe and healthy way. Each order is accompanied by Dr. Simon’s Soothing Syrup, a premium grade corn syrup consisting of 100% glucose—the body’s preferred sugar for muscle and brain health. A package contains a 14 day supply, though most infants feel better in about three days.

If you are searching for a safe, healthy, and carefully controlled natural solution to your infant’s colic, Dr. Simon’s Remedy may be just what the doctor ordered. Since the remedy consists of tea bags that you brew yourself, there is no need for preservatives or other unwanted additives. Just two ounces of tea, served at room temperature with a teaspoon of syrup once per day, can help your baby finally find relief. Each tea bag makes eight ounces, and many parents enjoy the soothing ritual of consuming the remainder of each day’s tea.

Ready For A Happier Baby?

Dr. Simon’s Remedy is a safe, organic, healthy option for babies who are suffering from colic. Contact us today via email at for more information or place your order online today.