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Relieving A Colicky Baby

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My story is like so many other amazing moms out there. I still remember being a brand new mom. I was so happy to be home with my new, beautiful infant, who was being a perfect angel, sleeping, and feeding wonderfully. All was right in the world. That probably lasted for about the first 10 minutes after we got home from the hospital. Then my baby started crying. You would think that I had an edge on the “mommy thing” being a doctor, but honestly, it doesn’t really help much. If anything, it made me tend to think of all the worst-case scenarios. When my new baby began to cry for hours at a time, I looked for all of the worst-case scenarios. Then, it finally dawned on me: My baby had colic.

So what you see is a product that has been perfected over 15 years. Initially, it was a very basic formula for my patients with just chamomile. After I personally started using the formula on my first daughter who was extremely fussy, I modified it. I made it even better by adding the other ingredients to the tea that helps with reflux and promotes digestion. I continued recommending this formula to my patients and friends. Then I had another child who cried ALL THE TIME, and another reformulation occurred. This time I added the addition of the soothing syrup to the tea to help alleviate constipation which she suffered from. This is a proprietary formula of tea I’ve developed — after years of research, experimentation and racking up a consistent track record of success with colicky babies of every type, severity or stage. The key to the efficacy of MY formulation – – and successful treatment regimen – – is the delicate combination and proportionate balances of the herbs. This tea is created for babies from 3 weeks to 3 months old and tastes so good that I started joining in on Tea Time with my daughters and drinking it also!! It’s not only a gentle, natural treatment, but it’s the most relaxing, for mom and baby. Bye for now….

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